Sell Your House Fast for Cash in Flint
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September 26, 2021


Although you may want to sell your house fast, you may be thinking it’s just not possible to quickly sell something as complicated and valuable as your property.

More selling options are growing out of this need to sell houses quickly. One of the best options for selling your house fast is to get an instant cash offer from a cash buyer.

With this guide, you can better understand how to sell a house fast for cash in Flint, Michigan. For the most up-to-date knowledge and expert advice, get in touch with Bolt and Beam today.

A cash offer on your house, how does it work fast?

Cash offers are possible through many types of buyers. One main reason behind their speed is that you won’t have to work within the timeline of the buyer’s lender, waiting for their mortgage to get approved. This can sometimes take several weeks to months. Instead, cash buyers take the needed steps to ensure the sale, but on an accelerated timeline.

So how does it work? If you connect with Bolt and Beam, we’ll start by requesting information about your house in Flint. You’ll then receive an instant cash offer, based on your home’s fair market value, from a trusted buyer within one or two days. 

If you move forward with the offer, the buyer will schedule an inspection with you to assess the condition of the house, which may affect the price. From there, you’ll work with the buyer on a sales agreement and set a closing date within about one to three weeks.

This saves you from the lengthy process of selling a home through the more traditional route. You won’t have to update, list, clean, or stage the house. In addition you won’t need to manage showings or negotiate with several possible buyers, depending on the type of buyer you decide to sell to.

There are of course options to work through a realtor to find a cash buyer, which often involve a need to list your house on the market. Currently Flint is a seller’s market, so the demand for houses may bring better offers, including cash offers through a realtor. Bolt and Beam can also help you determine if this is the best option for you to get the most value for your house.

Situations of instant cash offers working in the seller’s favor

Avoid foreclosure

Homeowners who have become overwhelmed by their expenses may be on the verge of foreclosure. In this case, selling a house fast for cash can help to avoid further expenses and issues with lenders. An instant cash offer can help a homeowner quickly pay off their mortgage. They can avoid further late or missed payments and save their credit score from the impact of foreclosure.

Inherited homes after a relative passes away

When someone inherits a house after a relative passes away, they’re likely facing many difficult decisions. In terms of what they’ll do with the home, they may consider if they’ll keep it, move into it, rent it, update it, or if it makes the most sense to sell it.

Leaving the home vacant can be an unnecessary risk. When many of these options aren’t sustainable and cleaning, updating, and listing the home feel overwhelming, the new homeowner may benefit from an instant cash offer.

Divorce settlements

As divorces often involve a settlement to divide shared assets, a major asset such as a house can quickly become a point of contention, delaying the overall process.

Selling the house may be the best way to fairly divide its value, but the typical time and coordination it takes to sell a home may not be an option when dealing with the changes surrounding a divorce.

With an instant cash offer, the house can sell quickly, helping those going through a divorce avoid further disagreements and decision-making about a major shared asset. The cash can pay off a joint mortgage or be used to fund next steps.

Times of uncertainty

Although owning a home can sometimes feel grounding, it isn’t always ideal when many other factors in life become uncertain. If income is uncertain or more flexibility is needed, it may be a smart time for a homeowner to sell their house to either pay off the large debt tied to a mortgage or to have access to cash that would otherwise be invested in the house.

If times are uncertain, it’s unlikely that preparation and time are on a homeowner’s side for selling their home. Rather than updating it, listing it, and trying to sell it through a traditional route, selling it for cash can provide more certainty.

Needing to relocate quickly

If a situation arises where a homeowner needs to relocate quickly, they are more concerned with where they’re going next, rather than where they’ve been. In this case getting an instant cash offer may be the best way to get the financing needed from the current home to help with the transition. The cash can then be applied to whatever steps are ahead to get established in a new location.

Need to sell your house in Flint fast? Here’s how to get started with an instant cash offer today

To get a cash offer for your house in Flint, you’ll want to get it in front of the right types of buyers.

At Bolt and Beam, we can help you sell your home, whether it involves working with a realtor who can search for cash buyers, working with home investors, flippers, or wholesalers.

We’ll learn about your situation to recommend a trusted buyer that both fits your needs and is currently interested in houses in Flint.

Through our insights into Flint’s housing market and details you provide about your home, we’ll make the best possible recommendation for an instant cash buyer.

Contact us today or complete the questionnaire to get started so you can sell your house fast for cash in Flint.

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