Who We Are?

Simple Home Offer is an educational resource for homeowners.  We find out the particulars of your situation and provide the best recommendation for you to sell your home.  We’ve had years of experience in building similar sites in the consumer finance industry and have a burning passion to help bring the real estate industry into the modern era. 

Why We Exist?  

There are so many exciting new entrants into the real estate industry that can help streamline the archaic process of selling a home.  It is no longer necessary to just enlist the help of your uncle’s neighbor who happens to be a real estate agent to sell your home. There are discount brokers, flat fee listing services, investors offering simple cash offers, and wholesalers that all have a place in this quickly changing industry and that can help you sell your home quickly for a fair price.  

How Simple Home Offer Works?  

  • Tell us about your situation
    • Our simple form takes only a few minutes to complete
  • We’ll share relevant data about your home and local market
    • It’s only fair that you should get some helpful info along the way!
  • We’ll analyze your info and provide our best recommendation for your situation
    • We’ll show you the pros and cons of each option
  • Move forward, fully informed, and sell your home on your timeline!
    • Don’t worry!  We’ll still be here to help you with other steps in your transition.

Who We Work With?

  • Investors, commonly called i-Buyers, like Opendoor, Offerpad, Zillow Offers, and Redfin Now — provide simple fair offers to homeowners looking to expedite their sales process
  • Wholesalers — local real estate knowledge experts that can help sell homes that need extensive repair or renovation prior to sale
  • Realtors — there will always be a need for local, knowledgeable real estate professionals to help homeowners maximize their return for their homes

See Article below that could give greater detail about how Simple Home Offer works and why it makes sense for homeowners.

Real Estate is changing……

Our mission at Simple Home Offer is to educate homeowners to the multitude of viable options available to them so that they can sell their home quickly.

The introduction of technology into the real estate industry has provided a variety of ways for a homeowner to sell their home that previously didn’t exist.  As recently as a few years ago, if you wanted to sell your home you’d seek out a realtor through a referral from your friends, family, or neighbors and then go through a laborious process of repairing, cleaning, updating, and staging your home.  You’d have to spend thousands of dollars and disrupt your family’s life to accommodate repair work, open houses, and showings over weeks before you’d finally get that elusive offer on your home. Then come the rounds of negotiations, seller concessions, etc. just to arrive at a mutually agreed upon closing date that could mean months of delay before you successfully sell your home.  But even then what you walk away with is never as much as you thought it would be. Between the 6% in realtor commissions, thousands of dollars in closing costs and whatever seller concessions you had to give up you start to wonder if all of that hassle was truly worth the effort.

Alas, relief has finally arrived for homeowners looking for a quick and painless way to sell their home.  New investors, often called i-Buyers, using recent advancements in data and technology have arrived to streamline the home selling process.  For homes that require minimal improvements (typically less than $10,000), these investors provide simple home offers to homeowners in less than 48 hours.  After a quick home inspection these i-Buyers will provide a fair estimate of the required repairs that need to be made to the home prior to closing. The owner has the choice to complete these repairs on their own or they can let the i-Buyer leverage their network of reliable professionals to conduct the work and deduct the fair estimate from their previous offer.  Once that is settled then the homeowner can set up the closing date that is most desirable to them — in as few as 7 days! No showings or clean up required. Just trade the keys for your cash, grab your favorite garden gnome, and the i-Buyers will take care of everything else.  

There will be certain situations where the home may require more repairs than these i-Buyers are able to manage.  In these situations there are still solutions for homeowners. Across the country there are individuals, often times called wholesalers, knowledgeable about the local real estate market and investment community who are willing to buy your home, regardless of the condition or amount of work required.  They will evaluate the current and future value of your home, after required renovations are done to make it ready to sell, and offer you a fair price on your home. In this situation you can often pick your closing date as well and not have to worry about coming up with the money necessary to fix up and clean up your home prior to putting it on the market.  

For those homeowners that are not in a rush to sell and want to get the best return on their home there are still alternatives to the traditional real estate broker process that can still save you lots of money.  There are websites that allow you to list your own house on the MLS — the online listing service used by most real estate agents, sites like Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, Redfin and others — giving your home access to the millions of potential home buyers each year.  There are other real estate brokerages that have started offering discounted commissions or flat fees that can result in thousands of dollars in savings on your home sale.  

Simple Home Offer will work with homeowners to determine their situation and provide recommendations to them on the option that makes the most sense for them.  Our service is completely free to the homeowner. We are paid referral fees from the companies we might refer you to. It is in our best interest to make sure that we provide the recommendation that is the greatest fit for your specific situation as we are only as successful as our homeowners are happy!

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