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With Simple Home Offer, we’ll help you sell your home in as few as 7 days, get a fair cash offer in 24-48 hours, and gain flexibility for your next move.

Learn how our quick and simple process works to help you navigate the important steps involved in selling your home.

Find out if an instant cash offer can help you sell your home.

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3 quick and simple steps to sell your home

When you share information about your situation, Simple Home Offer will analyze your details to provide our best recommendations. We’ll share data with you about your home and the local market, as well as show you the pros and cons of each option.

We’ll help you get started so that you can move forward confidently and sell your home on your timeline by matching you with the right buyer.

  1. Tell us your address — We’ll run it through our instant valuation system to determine the fair market value of your home. Based on this analysis, we’ll provide you with a fair offer on your home today. 
  2. Schedule an inspection — We’ll coordinate a visit from a professional home inspector to determine if there are any necessary repairs that need to be made. Don’t worry, you don’t need to clean your house or do anything to prepare for the inspection. Your home can be purchased as is.
  3. Sign, close and get cash — Together we’ll review a formal sale agreement. We’ll set up a date to close on your home and finalize the sale, like you would in a traditional real estate transaction. But we do it in a matter of days, not months.

After closing you receive the cash for your house, it’s as simple as that.

Instant cash offer benefits

  • Find the best instant offer for your situation
  • Get a fair cash offer in 24-48 hours
  • Close in as quickly as 7 days
  • Receive cash-in-hand
  • No cleaning, preparation, staging, showings
  • Focus on your next move
  • Quickly adapt to changes like relocation, job, divorce, debt, death, etc.

The easiest way to sell your home. Get an instant cash offer and move forward.

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When an instant cash offer works for you

Beyond the simple steps to secure an instant home offer, you’re likely wondering how this can work for your personal situation. 

Instant home offers are a great option for anyone navigating a transition but feeling held back by the steps needed to sell their current home.

This could include people who are in any of the following situations:

  • Buying a new home
  • Relocating for work
  • Selling a rental property
  • Moving on from a divorce
  • Getting out of a money pit
  • Facing foreclosure
  • Getting cash quickly to cover other expenses
  • Navigating personal or a family member’s health changes
  • Taking the next steps after a death in the family
  • Anything your current home is holding you back from doing

The easiest solution to sell your home

The traditional methods for selling a house haven’t exactly caught up to the fast pace and convenience we’ve come to expect with other services.

With the traditional route, you need to hire a real estate agent, list your home in the MLS, prepare your house for showings, host open houses, negotiate various offers, hope for the right offer, and then wait for that buyer’s financing to go through, all while juggling your personal transitions and a move.

Fortunately, there are many exciting new entrants into the real estate industry that streamline archaic homeselling processes. Instant cash offers provide an easier solution to sell your home. 

How Simple Home Offer helps sell your home quickly and simply

As a resource for homeowners, our mission at Simple Home Offer is to educate you on the multitude of viable options available so that you can sell your home quickly and confidently.

We learn the particulars of your situation and provide the best recommendation for you to sell your home. We’ll match you with the right buyer for your house so you can sell your home simply and quickly for a fair price.

We’ve had years of experience building similar efforts within the consumer finance industry and have a burning passion to help bring the real estate industry into the modern era.

Instant cash offer FAQs

Selling your home is a big step to take. It’s ok to have questions. We’ve compiled answers to the frequently asked ones, but don’t hesitate to ask more.

What options do I have for getting an instant cash offer?

With Simple Home Offer, we’ll match you with the right buyer for your house so you can sell your home simply and quickly for a fair price.

We work with a variety of buyers looking for homes to buy. There are discount brokers, flat fee listing services, investors offering simple cash offers, and wholesalers that all have a place in this quickly changing industry.

How quickly can you buy my house?

When you get started with us, we’ll provide an instant cash offer within 24-48 hours. From there, we can coordinate an inspection and create a sale agreement within one week so that you can sell your home in as little as 7 days.

Your offer is good for up to 60 days from when you receive it. This gives you time to arrange for your next move.

Once you’re ready to move out of your current home, we can easily coordinate the sale of your home to line up perfectly with your personal timing, for example, to align with buying your next home.

With traditional real estate sales, this has been much more complicated with many moving pieces including your buyer’s concessions and financing. 

Are there costs involved in closing a sale with an instant buyer?

Instant buyers are often able to purchase houses with as little as a 6% convenience fee, which can increase to 8% (or higher in some cases) depending on various factors related to your house and the current market.

The convenience fee is similar to what you would pay for traditional real estate commissions. With an instant buyer though, you also save time and resources selling your house more quickly and simply. You don’t have to list and show your house and navigate offers and buyer financing.

Instant buyers work with you to close the sale on your timeline.

Will I get fair market value for my house with an instant offer?

When you share your address with us, we run it through our instant valuation system to determine the fair market value of your home. Based on this analysis, we’ll provide you with a fair offer on your home within 24-48 hours.

From our experience, the instant buyers we work with make their money on very slim margins of 1-2%. This is great for home sellers because that means the buyers are generally providing fair offers.

What do you look for during the home inspection?

Rather than having to show your home to several prospective buyers, with an instant home offer you only need to show your home for one inspection. This inspection doesn’t require your home to be in perfect condition.

It allows for an evaluation of any repairs that are needed to ensure the offer made on your home is fair. In some cases, larger repairs will be flagged to be completed by the homeowner (often through licensed contractors) or the cost of the repair will come off of the purchase price.

Instant buyers prefer homes that need minimal repairs so that they can come in, clean the home out, update the paint and floors and list the house on the market as soon as possible.

For this reason, the inspection will primarily assess any major structural issues rather than get hung up on small cosmetic changes to the home.