If I Want to Sell My House Quickly, Who Can I Contact?
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November 27, 2021


If you have time on your side, your local real estate agent can handle the selling of your house. They know the area, the market temperature, and what sort of homes are currently in demand. If the market is hot for sellers, you might consider hiring a realtor to sell your property.

If it is not a seller’s market, and you must sell your house quickly so you can move, an instant offer real estate company is your best bet.

Reasons for Selling a House Quickly

Every homeowner has his or her own reasons for selling a home as soon as possible. Perhaps they are going through a divorce, and the home sale allows each former spouse to go on with their lives. Maybe the house was inherited from parents, and a fast sale is needed to settle the estate and stop the spending of estate funds on its upkeep. A job relocation may also force a fast sale.

If the homeowner was thinking of moving and then found the perfect new house, they must act so they do not lose their new abode. Others may discover their house needs more work than anticipated, so they want a quick sale when selling a house as-is.

Then there are those who got in over their heads financially with their home, and if they want to avoid foreclosure and take a hit to their credit score, and selling the house fast is the smartest thing to do.

Instant Offer Real Estate Companies

What advantages does an instant offer company have over traditional real estate agents? Even in a hot market, using a full-service real estate agent means you are spending 6 percent of the purchase price for the real estate commission. In a cooler market, you are still spending that much even if it takes months to sell the house. With an instant offer real estate company, you might pay a similar price for the service, but there is little to no waiting.

While using a discount brokerage or selling your house on your own can save some money, it cannot guarantee a quick sale. When you deal with companies that buy houses, both the seller and the buyer both want a speedy transaction. You can receive an immediate cash offer on your house and make a decision.

Sell My Home Quickly Advantages

The advantages of instant offer companies such as OpenDoor, Offerpad, and other house buying websites go beyond the fast sale. As a homeowner, there is nothing else you need to do other than show your house once, without the stress of keeping the place in top condition for potential buyers, as happens in traditional real estate showings. No need for open houses and the necessity of arranging care for kids and pets as strangers walk through your rooms.

Fair Market Value

Homeowners may want to sell fast but are concerned about receiving fair market value for their dwelling. Even when facing a tight deadline, no homeowner wants to give the property away or take a huge hit just for the sake of speed.

Not to worry –in most cases, houses sold via instant offer companies close to fair market value. Of course, if the property requires substantial repairs, that detracts from its fair market value and is reflected in the purchase price. The homeowner may opt to have licensed contractors make the necessary repairs to receive a higher price.

Keep in mind that very expensive homes, as well as those needing major renovations, are not candidates for instant offer companies. These home buying websites target buyers who are interested in thoroughly cleaning, painting and otherwise freshening single-family homes in middle-class neighborhoods, which are the easiest houses to sell. The idea is to sell these houses as soon as possible, and the properties are often listed for resale within three to four weeks.

Three Day Closings

When we promote fast home sales, we are not exaggerating. With an offer provided within 24 hours, in less than one week, sometimes as little as three days, a homeowner can expect a closing. In most cases, once the instant offer is made, it is good for two months. That means you can find your new home and move within that timeframe – a win-win for you and the instant offer real estate company.

Time is Money

Remember that time is always money. By going the instant offer route with iBuyers, you are definitely saving time, and may also find yourself saving money. It’s one of the best tips for selling your home on your terms. Find out more by contacting us today.

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