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Jennifer Laming

Head of Client Relations


Jen is head of client relations and has 18 years of experience in Property Management working to improve and strengthen residential communities as well as 5+ years of experience in the Real Estate industry.

She has been married to her high school sweetheart for 22 years and they have 3 sons. She likes to spend her free time shopping or hanging out with her family. She enjoys bowling, she and her husband have been on the same league for over 12 years now, but her true passion is helping people.

She is great at evaluating each client’s need and finding them they best solution to their problem. She loves talking to people and making sure they get the best advice based on their current situation. She always says that her goal is to make the person she is talking to smile, regardless of the day they are having or what is going on. Helping people is what it is all about!

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