10 Common Scenarios That are Ideal for Selling Your Home to an iBuyer
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May 11, 2022


There are many lifestyle scenarios that can affect why and how you consider selling your home. The sale of your home doesn’t have to overwhelm important life moments but instead can be accomplished with convenience, flexibility and certainty.

Depending on your situation, selling to an iBuyer might be the preferred option, meeting your needs for selling a home quickly, while avoiding the hassle of spending weeks to prepare and sell your home on the market.

Known as instant offer companies, iBuyers are tech-based home investors that buy and sell houses digitally, primarily to streamline the process, both for themselves and their customers.

How Does iBuying Work?

Sellers upload home information to an iBuyer’s app or website and receive an instant cash offer within hours. This can shrink the selling process down from months to mere days.

After applying, a seller will receive an offer within 24 to 48 hours, then an inspection will be scheduled. Based on the condition of the home, the offer is adjusted. When the seller and iBuyer agree on the offer, the seller then chooses a closing date.

If you need convenience or speed, possibly above selling your house for the optimized value, you could benefit from using an instant offer company.

Let’s explore 10 common scenarios where selling to an iBuyer is ideal:

  • Career 

Whether a job sends you across the country or you’re tired of a long commute, selling your home through an iBuyer allows you to remain focused on your career while completing the sale.

If you’re relocating for work, there’s a short window to not only settle into the new location, but also sell your current home and move. iBuyers save you time, as there’s no preparation or visits to your home to impress the buyer. An iBuyer will schedule one home inspection before finalizing an offer with a closing date of your choosing. The rest of the work is done primarily online, giving you flexibility around your job.

  • Relationship Status

A marriage could bring people together or a divorce could split up a household. These situations make a major impact on our lives. To allow you to focus on what is most important, selling your home to an iBuyer can be a simple item on your to-do list, not an all encompassing endeavor.

  • Family

Families with more kids on the way might not have time to manage listing their home for sale. In this case, save time and effort by avoiding keeping the house clean for showings and coordinating with multiple agencies.

Maybe the kids have grown up and moved on, giving the parents a chance to simplify their lifestyle. To keep the process simple as well, they can enjoy the convenience of getting an instant offer online and move into the next phase without feeling tied down.

  • Health

The condition of our health can change our priorities, it can also change what we need in a home. If you need to focus on your own health or are moving in with someone to help with their care, selling your house should be the least of your worries. Selling to an instant offer company makes the process painless.

  • Feeling Overwhelmed

Your house is too large to maintain or the payments are higher than you’d like. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, the last thing you want to do is take on more work. Selling to an iBuyer involves only a few steps and one home inspection, compared to the weeks it can take to not only prepare your home but then also list it and coordinate with potential buyers in hopes of closing the sale.

  • Preference

As we go through life, our preferences change. You don’t like the neighborhood anymore or the layout of the house causes frustrations. You want more space, more natural light. Instead of settling for your current home or taking on renovations, selling it through an iBuyer allows you to quickly move on to a home that you’ll enjoy.

  • Act Quickly to Buy a New Home

The money from your current home could help you act quickly on the purchase of a new home. If you know you can settle the sale of your own home quickly, you can guarantee to the seller of the new home that you’re a sure thing, with cash in hand or your current home’s mortgage paid off.

  • Need Cash Quickly

If you need the money from your current home to finance your next home or something else, iBuyers can pay you in as little as one week. If this is your situation, you likely don’t want to spend time hustling to sell your home for an optimized value but instead would like to save time and remove the guesswork from the process so you can take the next steps with cash in hand.

  • Sell a Rental Property

If you own a rental property you no longer want to maintain and manage, you could sell it to an iBuyer to finish your work with a simple and fast process. This allows you to benefit from the investment without having to spend more time and effort to earn money from it.

  • Manage an Estate

When handling the estate of someone who is deceased, their property could feel like a burden in addition to managing the loss of a loved one and your many responsibilities. There are several steps to settling an estate. An iBuyer can simplify the logistics of selling the house, helping you to move forward. 

Selling to iBuyers is Becoming More Common

You can see there are many reasons to sell your home to an iBuyer.

To know if it’s right for you, apply for an instant offer online. Within 24 to 48 hours you’ll have a clear picture of whether the conditions are appropriate to sell to an iBuyer.

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